How To Use Dressing Aid Stick

Date Posted:13 November 2018 

Learn how to use the Ezyups Dressing Aid stick, the simple and inexpensive tool allows you to undress and dress without assistance and frees you from dependence on a carer which increases privacy and dignity.

How To Use Dressing Aid stick

  1. Sit on a comfortable chair with a flat surface beside you and place pants facing upwards. Fit the EZY-UPS heads inside the waist band of the pants, noting that the correct angle can be achieved by placing your thumbs on the two indicator buttons below each handle.
  2. Now you can place the pants in front of your feet by holding the EZY-UPS handles. You’ll find it easy to slip your feet, one at a time through the pants.
  3. Slide the pants up your legs until you can reach the pants and then remove EZY-UPS

How to use the EzyUps Dressing Aid

How to use the EzyUps Dressing Aid Stick In Three Steps

The EzyUps Dressing Aid has been designed from the ground up to solve many of the problems that you will experience with traditional dressing aids. An easy to use device born out of the frustration that Bill's mother experienced the EzyUps Dressing Aid makes the activity of getting dressed easier again.