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Welcome to EzyUps Australia. Since the first prototype EzyUps Dressing Aid was created our mission has always been to solve one of the most frustrating problems you can face everyday.

The EzyUps Dressing aid is for people recovering from hip surgery, pregnant women in third trimester, people with back injuries & fused spines, our older generation and anyone who struggles with the task of dressing themselves because of restricted movement.

Do you know someone struggling to get dressed? If so I invite you to try the EzyUps Dressing Aid today. Choose your colour and you can have it delivered directly to your door with our free shipping Australia wide option. We also ship worldwide to most countries.

If you are registered NDIS participant or you are working with a registered NDIS participant you can receive a set of EZYUPS Dressing Sticks and we can make a claim for you on the NDIA portal. Visit here for our easy NDIS process.

Thankyou for visiting us today, I know the EzyUps Dressing Aid will help you or someone you love too.

For Dignity & Independence,

Bill Carbray - Inventor

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