The EzyUps Story

My Mum Mary

“What’s wrong Mum?”

That was the question that started it all.

My Mum was in her 90’s when we started noticing that after spending a long time in the bedroom in the morning Mum would eventually appear looking frustrated and clearly not her normal self.

My question “What’s wrong Mum?” was quickly dismissed with a frown sometimes with her saying “Oh… Nothing is wrong.”

Months went by and this continued, actually it probably got even worse. I’d notice Mum looking annoyed, flustered and upset as she came out after spending time in the bedroom.

I had stopped asking her what was wrong because I could tell the question was making her even more upset and I knew she really didn’t want to tell me.

My wife on the other hand was also seeing what was going on thought maybe a woman to woman talk might be in order so one morning my wife knocked on the door to my Mothers room and asked to come in.

Mum was sitting on the bed, and my wife could already tell that she was upset.

She asked Mum what she was having a problem with and finally the truth came to light.

“When you can't put on your own underwear you know you've passed your used by date” Mum told me.

For months, Mum had been keeping a secret that was causing her to doubt whether she should still be here, scary stuff. Mum had been struggling each morning to put her underwear on, because of her mobility she was simply having a tough time bending over to pull them up.

Mum didn’t want anyone to know about this, she was embarrassed. This was something that you just didn’t talk about with anyone let alone your adult Son.

When I heard what Mum said about her time being up I felt in a way what Mum was actually saying was that she should be dead by now. I flat out told her “Don’t be silly Mum, I’ll just get you something to help you each morning” 

I thought this was the 21st century, the age of technology, great ideas and solutions to problems.

So, I went looking, I looked, and kept on looking for a while. I even asked my doctor but found nothing.

Well, I did find something that they called a dressing stick, but that was pretty much useless.

The dressing stick took you about the same about of time to get your clothes on using it as it took without using it.

I’m a man who loves problem solving. Teaching, physics and engineering are the way I’m wired so I knew I could come up with something a whole lot better for my Mum. 

I popped into the back shed and after many hours the first EZYUPS dressing aid prototype was created.

You need to know that Mum wasn’t the sort of person that would be outwardly smiley or anything but everyone noticed the change in her demeaner almost immediately. 

No more looking frustrated, annoyed and upset in the morning. Solving this problem also had a huge impact to Mums whole day.

Have you’ve ever heard of the saying that “your morning routine sets your attitude for the day”? That was certainly the case for my Mum.  Mum was indeed happier, more relaxed though out the day. I remember during this time after getting the EZYUPS tool having some great conversations with Mum. I treasure those times.

Mum could change herself as often as was necessary without having to stress about taking hours to do it or being embarrassed by asking someone for help.

The EZYUPS dressing aid invention I created for Mum really gave her back her dignity & independence.

Mum told me after a couple of weeks since giving her the prototype that she was so pleased that she could now dress herself without having to get anyone to help her.

My mother lived on for several years after that and she used that prototype EZYUPS everyday till she passed. I know in my heart that if Mum hadn’t had the tool she probably wouldn’t have lasted that long. 

You could say we all got an “an extension” on Mums life.

Since the first prototype was created I’ve met with hundreds of people. Doctors, Pharmacists, Aged Carers, Occupational Therapists and regular people who are struggling with mobility issues.

Because of Mum people who in our older generation who struggle each morning to dress were the first people I had in mind for the EZYUPS dressing aid but I soon learnt that there were so many more people that really wanted this solution.

People recovering from hip & knee surgery, women in late stage pregnancy, people with back injuries. Everyone that’s used EZYUPS makes the same comment, it’s helped them with their problem of dressing when they’ve been faced with limited mobility.

The EZYUPS dressing aid is my legacy to the world, the solution to a problem that needed to be solved, a problem that’s normally is kept in the dark, a problem that causes people to live with the pressure, stress and embarrassment of dressing themselves.

The EZYUPS dressing aid will help you too, whether its for yourself or for a loved one.

To Dignity & Independence,

Bill Carbray
Founder & - Inventor EZYUPS

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