Kelly - Back Pain Sufferer

Kelly - Back Pain Sufferer

For the past four years I have experienced chronic back pain due to a stenosis caused by a car hitting me as a pedestrian.

As a result I have struggle to dress myself because of seriously restricted back movement of my lumbar region.

After one failed back operation to several lumbar disks my condition deteriorated to the point where I was using the end of my walking stick in an attempt to pull on underpants and trousers.

Then Bill introduced me to Ezy-Ups which have transformed the way I get dressed reducing the pain and time required to get dresses.

Recently another back operation was required to fuse several vertebrae together meaning I have even less back movement.

The Ezy-Ups have been extremely useful allowing me to dress myself even with a back brace further restricting my movement.

Without Ezy-Ups I would require the assistance of another person to get me dressed which would be an undignifying experience.

I cannot recommend Ezy-Ups more strongly for people with back conditions to allow them to dress by themselves and considerably reduce the pain involved in getting dressed. 


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